White PLA MAX Filament 1.75 mm 3D Printer Filament 1KG 2.2LBS 3D Printing Material Stronger Than Normal PLA

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2.20 pounds/1kg






ISO9001, CE, ISO14001, STMC, SGS


What is PLA MAX filament?

  • PLA Max is a new 3d printing material developed by CC3D– known for being extremely tough.
  • PLA MAX is made of Polylactic Acid with reinforcement technology.It is a biological material, extracted and purified from corn grain, eco- friendly, and harmless to human.It is a non-toxic filament and has no unpleasant smell while being printed.

Product Description

Filament: PLA MAX

  • Net Weight: 1000g
  • Diameter (Tolerance): 1.75 mm ±0.02 mm
  • Vacuum packed.
  • Spool Diameter: 7.8″
  • Spool Height: 2.55″
  • Spool Hub Hole Diameter: 2.08″

Product Description

  • PLA MAX Filaments are made of high-quality materials and with special technique.
  • Have higher strength and better toughness.
  • It is a new 3D Printing materials to replace normal pla
  • Industrial & Scientific Additive Manufacturing Products 3D Printing Supplies 3D Printing Filament
  • Now available in white,black,grey,red,orange,yellow,green,blue,purple.

Print Settings and tips

  1. Recommended Printing Temperature:220±10° C
  2. PLA MAX Print temperature is about 15℃ higher than Regular PLA. Most users print at around 215 to 225℃.
  3. Recommended Bed Temperature:60-70° C
  4. Recommended Print Speed:50 -60mm/s.
  5. Print Settings may vary with different printers.

CC3D Brand

Our brand was founded in 2015.

We are a manufacturer with rich R&D experience in 3D printing filament.

The most successful products are our silk PLA series products,people in different countries use them to print various works of art.Our goal is to let all those people who like 3D printing like you enjoy the happiness of printing and purchase high-quality and low-cost products.


Support and After-sales

  • We have been committed to producing high-quality products and providing customers with a good experience. If there is any quality problem, we will definitely solve the problem until you are satisfied.


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